Reading a book saved me from a lifetime of pain. That is no exaggeration.

It started innocently enough in 2006, with a pain in my left wrist, which I thought originated in salsa dancing. But after a few months I was in so much pain in every joint in my body that I could not drive, carry anything, or even open a bag of crisps. As you can imagine, that was a pretty depressing existence.

Over the course of a year I tried everything: yoga, acupuncture, pain killers, physio, chiro, pilates (which gave some respite), cortizone etc.. When a surgeon said I need to have a rib removing I realised I needed a different approach. 

I re-sought out this book that was recommended to me a year before, which I had ignored at the time as a mad theory. But by this point it was the only thing I hadn't tried. And I liked my ribs as they were.

I read it cover to cover 3 times, back to back over 2 days, and the pain disappeared. I jest not. 

Read the reviews for similar stories, and watch this video and this one. The preamble to the second video is exactly what happened to me.